Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New iPad for the Visually Impaired

people now enjoy the new iPad's Retina Display technology because it offers great graphics with its high resolution. It has received such positive reviews from fans and pundits alike that many more sell old iPad to experience the said display. But how about the visually impaired? Can they still use the iPad? Of course they can! In this article, I will present to you fun apps for your visually-impaired kids.
Here they are:
1. Fireworks Lite
In this app, if you slide your fingers on the screen, fireworks fly on the black screen and burst into many different colors. It also has cool firework sounds.
2. BabyTap
This one is also simple. It only has a white screen where your kid can tap and shapes will appear. With each tap, a sound will be produced like a baby laughing or a bell ringing.
3. Musical Hands
This is another fun app for your visually impaired kid. This app shows the screen with divided colored boxes. Each row is a different instrument. Once xour kid touches a box, a sound is produced while a burst of color appears.
4. Sound Shaker
This one is also easy to play with. All your kid has to do is choose a sound from several images. He has to touch the next blank screen with dots, and sounds will play. The sound changes every time he holds down his finger on the screen. The dots will then turn into an egg which hatches and a chick will chirp for your kid!
5. Peekaboo Barn
This one has very simple graphics. All your kid has to do is to tap on the big red barn and an animal will come out and make a noise. Then a child's voice utters the name of the animal.
6. Bubbles
This app starts with a black screen. When your kid slides a finger on the screen, blue bubbles will appear which will pop.
7. BabySymbol
This one is also very fun for the visually impaired. It is a cause and effect app that causes different sounds for every image your kid hits. You can choose whether the screen shows different images or just one big image for your child to hit.
8. Itsy Bitsy HD
This one is an interactive storybook of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Your kid can touch anywhere and something fun will happen. You first choose either Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. Then some images will appear and when you touch the screen, different sounds play and stars appear. This app is great for kids with Cortical Visual Impairment.
9. PlayPhone
Just like the other apps, this app starts with a black screen. The whole screen becomes multi-color with each touch. When a button is hit, a character will show up and say something funny.
10. Tap-N-See-Zoo
This app was created for people with Cortical Visual Impairment. The screen is black with a red teddy bear floating around. When your kid touches the screen, the bear comes to the finger for him to tap it. If the bear grows very big, a fun sound is produced.
See? Even a child with visual impairment can still play with the iPad. So download these apps now for you're your little kid to enjoy!
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